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Chapel of Agios Georgios

Located in the centre of the village and at a close distance from the church of Agios Kyprianos is the chapel of Agios Georgios. The chapel bears architectural features of the 16th century, although no accurate date for its construction is known. Renovation works have taken place at the church between the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.

The chapel of Agios Georgios is built of stones from the River Serrachis, which crosses the village. This stony chapel is single-aisled with an arched roof.    

What is noteworthy is that the interior of the chapel is adorned by parts of the old 16th century iconostasis, as well as a small priedieu which were transferred from the church of Agios Kyprianos. One is also worth knowing that the icon of Agios Georgios which is placed on the northern wall of the chapel was created in the end of the 19th century and more specifically in 1882.   

The parts of the iconostasis of Agios Kyprianos which were placed in the chapel include the bema-doors and the straight colonnade, which, when observed closely, consists of three zones. Particularly impressive is the decoration of the iconostasis, for which the following is written in the book of Agios Kyprianos:  

“The exuberant decoration of the iconostasis including only plant patterns constitutes a combination of the post-gothic fire-shaped rhythm, a mixture of renaissance and byzantine rhythm” (p.86). 

The priedieu, which was also transferred from the church of Agios Kyprianos, is wooden and gold-plated.    

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