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Olive Cultivation

In Menoiko there are mainly cultivated pieces of land including citrus fruit, olive trees, grains, melons, as well as vegetables such as potatoes and onions. These expanses of land constitute solid proof that land cultivation is one of the main occupations of the residents, while creating multicolored images in Menoiko, with the most distinctive one being the golden veil created as the sun rays reflect on the grain cultivations. 

Olive cultivation in Menoiko is quite developed. Taking care of the ground, pruning the olive trees and collecting the olives are the main cultivating tasks that olive cultivators in Menoiko need to perform. It is worth mentioning that at the village there are some age-long olive trees which, according to Karouzis, constitute remains of the Frankish occupation. 

The Eucalyptus trees, as well as the plants recently planted by the Community Council, establish the community of Menoiko as a uniquely beautiful village. According to Karouzis, the Eucalyptus trees were planted between the 1930s and 1940s. 

As far as the fauna of the village is concerned, this consists of various species of reptiles and birds such as partridges and pigeons, as well as oxen, pigs, sheep and goats. 

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